Chinese Gender Predictor - UPDATED!

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Chinese Gender Predictor - UPDATED!

Check this Chinese Gender Predictor out. What does it say? Do you think it's right?

I updated this calendar because the other one I put was calculating the wrong age and month. You have to know your conception date, (around 2 weeks after your period). I think this is fun.

For me it says boy. I think this is right. I also read an article that says what side of the uterus the baby/placenta attaches on is predictive of gender. Right side >97% boy, left side >97% girl. The u/s technician said baby attached on my right side. We'll see.

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It says i am having a girl on this new one. We will find out in a little over a month if it isright or not

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I put my due date in and Birthday. It says a Girl. I put my conception date in, it says a Boy...and that I'm 28. Even though my birthday is right. LOL So I'm confused!

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Both for me point to girl.......Which would be crazy becuase I have been feeling boy this whole time. We will see I guess Smile

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Mine says BOY!! Yay!! I hope its right Smile

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Based on your placenta thing and what I remember I am pretty sure my placenta is on the left side I will have to ask my doctor if the file says which side it is on

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It says I am having a girl... which is my feeling so far..but who knows!
I put in my conception date for DS and it did say BOY, so it could be true?

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I tried both with LMP and with guessed conception and both came back boy. Which is what I have been feeling and what most of my fam thinks im having. Smile we will see

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I hope mine is right, it says girl and i changed the conception date by a couple of days in each direction and it still says girl... we shall see!