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Is anyone co-sleeping with another child right now? What are your plans for when thenext child is born?

DS, who is 4.5, is still in our bed. I am thinking I will need to put him in his own bed before the baby is born. I know it is probably the appropriate time anyways, but I really enoy him sleeping in our bed. Our bed is a king. I was thinking about pushing it to the wall and having the baby sleep between me and the wall and ds on the otherside. If there is room for DH, he can sleep on the other side of DS.

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My 1 1/2 year old co sleeps. Id like to have her sleep in her own bed, but i don't see that happening anytime soon. I'll probably have the new baby sleep in a bassinet or cradle beside the bed until my daughter decides to move out Blum 3

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We only Co-slept till 2 weeks after DD turned 1. Then we put her in her room and she's been in there since. I'm glad we did because it started getting harder in our bed, she started no wanting to sleep and she would have us up really early the next day after being up with her most of the night. She sleeps much better in her room and so do we. Whenever #2 decided to come along we will probably co-sleep with that one too since I'll be nursing again for sure. It made late night feedings so much easier.

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We only co-sleep occasionaly these days...but my step mother suggested that once baby #2 comes, DS will want to start sleeping in our bed regulary again (we plan on def co-sleeping with new baby to make breast feeding at night easier)...

I think your idea about pushing the bed against the wall is great... we really don't want to give our little ones more reason to hate their new siblings, but if you feel its time anyway maybe bring a crib mattress or blow up mattress in your room and have DS sleep on that for a few months then maybe you can gradually move him into his own room??? I have never done this but heard someone else suggest it.