Cold Flashes?

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Cold Flashes?

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if it is a pregnancy symptom. Twice in the last 24 hours I have gone from a comfortable temperature, to teeth chattering freezing, in about 5 seconds flat. And everyone else in the room is still comfortable. The first time I woke out of a dead sleep, still under the comforter, freezing. I am thinking this must be hormone related, since hot flashes (the opposite) are. Anyone else?

Oh, and if you have experienced, or heard about this, any suggestions to prevent it? Its not so bad in the middle of the night, but kind of hard to explain to a class of 7 year olds:)

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I have no idea if you can prevent it. Maybe just keep a really heavy sweater in your classroom just in case.

I have found that I'm cold alot this pregnancy. I was warm all the time with DS and I feel like I have spent the last 15 weeks in sweatshirts and curled up in a blanket. So it has to have something to do with hormones some how. Just know your not alone!!!!

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I have been cold but only suddenly cold one time, at my nephew's birthday party. We were all sitting around watching him open presents and all of a sudden I was freezing cold and had to borrow my mom's sweater. Weird!

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Oh, I dislike being really cold. I would much rather have a hot flash. Hope they are few and far between!

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I have been colder than usual this pregnancy too. Doc says it's normal and soon enough I will feel nice and toasty.

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I get the cold flashes often while pregnant. But mine seem to be mostly when I'm tired and worn out. Right now the only time I am warm is when I'm in bed and sleeping. Lol

Sorry I know that is no help.