constipation...tmi...anyone else?

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constipation...tmi...anyone else?

i know this will be tmi but wondering if anyone else has or is in the same boat as me....just a day shy of 11 weeks and for the last week almost i've had the annoyance of constipation, gas cramps so far? i assume this is due to my extra iron intake from the vitamins.

went out and bought metamucil and fruits so hopefully this will clear. also going to try non carbonated drinks for a week to see if this helps....any suggestions will be gladly appreciated.

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I am taking probiotics and a stool softner (not a laxative). So far it is working great. I didn't do that when I was pregnant with DD and I am feeling much better this time. If only I didn't have heartburn...

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The nurse I spoke to recommended Miralax to mix in with juice in the morning. I have not tried that yet though. I was a little constipated for the beginning of the week, and I started eating Activia in the A.M. I think that has really helped.

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I was SO constipated with my last pregnancy. I was miserable. My doc said stool softeners and said an enema was okay as a last resort. Said it was safe just not pleasant. I ended up having to use it (tmi). I was okay after that though just with the stool softeners. Hope you get some relief!

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It's most likely your prenatal vitamins, like you said. You can always ask your OB to switch them to something with lower or no iron so that it doesn't back you up and cause you the discomfort.

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update ladies....sorry not to have replied sooner but im actually from the june board.

everything cleared up about 3 days after my post when i switched back to my store bought prenatals and stool softners.

i tried milk of magnesia first, stool softeners second and went back to my store brand prenatals and bam good as new.

was frustrating. thank you for the support.