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I have no idea what is going on and if I should call my MW or not. Yesterday I was just sitting there and I had one painful contraction. It felt just like the early contractions when I went into labor with DS. I sat up and felt my belly and sure enough it was hard as a rock. Only lasted a few seconds and stopped. Haven't had any more like that, but woke up with what I THINK was a BH contraction, but might have just been the baby sticking its butt out because it felt like the baby moved and it went away. I've had a little bit of crampiness, but when I feel my belly it doesn't feel hard, so I don't think I've had any more contractions, but it is making me nervous! This definitely didn't happen with DS. I don't know if it's happening because I am more active and chasing DS around (and yes, occasionally having to lift him) or what. I do know that after the weekend when DH has been home and is doing all the chasing and lifting I feel way better!

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make sure your drinking lots of water....

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When is your next appt? If they keep happening I would call the nurse and just ask to see what they say. Hope it doesn't happen anymore.

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My midwife said if I have 4 in one hour to call and sit down and drink at least two glasses of water. It's tough to chase an older one around and I imagine it will keep getting harder. Hope you are feeling better now.