Cravings/Aversions yet??

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Cravings/Aversions yet??

Just curious if anyone is getting cravings or aversions yet? (Well, those who've gotten their BFP's already)
I'm not getting any cravings yet, but I cannot drink pop anymore without it making me wanna hurl. I love my coke zero and cherry I don't know what I'll do without it Sad

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None so far. Though I'm sure something will show up soon

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The normal me, loves Avacado, on everything. Now, just typing the word out makes me want to gag.

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The love of my the only thing that the smell would make me feel sick for my 1st that I am a mom - I love coffee even more and I am actually tring to will myself to hate the smell to make it easier for me to go without... I think i just passed some and got a little turned off...

Also I have been complaining about a brand new sponge in the kitchen sink stinking up the whole kitchen - DH thought I was nuts, he smelled it - but did not bother him like it did we know why!

Also tried to eat a hard boiled egg today and spit it out - tasted aweful, I thought it might have been bad but not so sure now - I hope i don't start hating them it was all i vcould eat when i had gestational diabetes last time...and my son loved them...

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Not really. Maybe just today I am starting to have some. Yesterday we had spaghetti with turkey meatballs, and the turkey meatballs smelled so disgusting to me when they were cooking. But later I had no problem eating them. Right now I am craving a tuna salad sandwich with American cheese pretty bad (and I don't normally eat American cheese). But I am too lazy to actually mix up the tuna salad. I'm also craving candy, like snickers. I never eat candy, and I'm bummed to be craving it because I don't want to be eating a lot of junk right now. It's so bad because of Halloween. I have to resist the urge to scarf down all of DS's stash.

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Last night I had a chicken pasta and while I was cooking it smelled awful, but I ate it and it was yummy and didn't bother my stomach. And today when I was eating my lunch I was getting nauseous. The garbage has also been bothering me more than usual.

With DD I didn't have any symptoms other than exhaustion in my 1st trimester, so I'm hoping this means this baby is a boy Smile This is our last and we are hoping for one of each.