Crazy birth dream

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Crazy birth dream

I had a dream that I could see through my stomach and saw the baby's head and it was HUGE. DH and I were looking at his head through my and realizing I was definitely going to need a c-section because there was no way I was going to get his head through. But I was panicking because I didn't think my midwives would believe that I had seen him through my stomach and wouldn't look to see how big his head was.
I do think there's a chance this baby is pretty big. He feels a lot bigger than DS1 did, but maybe it's because he moves a lot more and I can feel it? Anyway, I think it was anxiety about being worried the baby is big that triggered the dream. But I know I can do it! I really don't believe that my body would grow a bigger baby than I can push out Smile

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LOL... thats' funny!

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Crazy Smile I actually had a similiar dream a few nights ago, that if I sat in certain light and it hit my belly just right I could see in and see my baby. I always worry my babies will have GIANT heads because my DH has a giant melon lol, but so far they have all fit Smile

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Lol, I actually had a dream a few weeks ago that my belly was clear and we could TALK to the baby! Haha! Having a clear belly might be cool just so we could see how big LO is and how he/she is positioned. Maybe we should patent a gel that you could rub on your belly and it be clear for a few minutes.

I actually had a dream last night that my sister and I were both pregnant and in labor in my closet. It was just the two of us and she ended up giving birth first and walking out with her baby, leaving me by myself. I started pushing and got the head out, then decided I wasn't ready for the baby to be here so pushed him back inside of me, got in bed and started watching Ellen on TV. Ha!