Crazy Dreams !

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Crazy Dreams !

I had two separate crazy testing dreams last night, both with BFP's, so of course this morning I woke up and tested right away and got a BFN.

It's only 10 DPO so we still have time, but you never want to see that BFN ! Especially after I remember being so excited in my dreams ... crazy mind tricks. :rolleyes: I never had all these nutty dreams before we started TTC.

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Me either. I swear I have a BFP dream once a night every day after I start the 2WW. I always get so excited and I'm staring at the test in complete shock and I keep thinking it's a dream and I just can't believe it. The dream goes on forever and then just when I start to realize it's real I wake up. Life is so cruel to us sometimes. Lol.