Daniel Benjamin is here!

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Daniel Benjamin is here!

I didn't make it to my c-section on the 20th. Instead, I started having contractions on Tuesday night, and when I finally figured out they weren't going away, I stood up to go to the hospital and my water broke. So I went in and delivered by c-section within a few hours.

Daniel Benjamin
July 10th
6lbs 12 oz
19 inches

He has fuzzy blonde hair and is a sleepy, quiet little guy. He looks so much like his proud big brother!

Can't add new photos right now because Photobucket is down, but I'll be back later with pics and birth story (though it's not much longer than the above, LOL).

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Congrats Andi!!! He sounds amazing!!!! And how cool to go into labor on your own!

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Wow Andi, congratulations! It's nice to know he arrived on his own schedule but I hope it didn't make it tougher on you for the c-section. Early twice in a row... guess I am destined to be a week late again!

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Wow, congratulations! Didn't expect to see this post so soon, how exciting!

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WOOHOO Congrats!! So glad Daniel arrived and on his own time frame! Can't wait to see pictures!

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OMG, congrats! So soon, send some of those vibes to the rest of us, sounds like it went perfectly. Can't wait to see pics!