Diaper deals!!!!!

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Diaper deals!!!!!

If you haven't figured already, I am a deal seeker/couponer Smile I am all about sharing how to save a buck so I have to share my latest score. I have been saving up coupons and waiting for diapers to go on sale for about a month. I ended up getting everything in the picture for $43!! Plus I also added 2 more big boxes of Huggies, which cost me nothing becuase I got gift cards for the other diaper purchases, (at Target) and I got 2 giant boxes of wipes for $4.50 that aren't in the picture. Plus I got another $5 gift card!! Wahoo!!
If anyone wants me to share how to get the coupons/deals let me know Smile

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Please share how you did this deal....and where.

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Yes, please share, I love a good deal!

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I want to know too!!!

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Target has a$15 gift card if you buy two boxes of Huggies (might end today?). If you go to Target.com, there were $5 off Huggies coupons (you might need to get to those through totallytarget.com...follow the link). And there were manufacturer coupons out recently for $2 off a box or $1.50 off a box. At Target you can "stack" Target coupons and manufacturer coupons. Ideally, you can use two $5 off Target coupons, two $2 off manufacturer coupons, and get the $15 gift card. The diapers are on sale for $29.99/box. So, you basically get one box for free. Hope that helps someone!

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