Did anyone get nausious during 2ww?

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Did anyone get nausious during 2ww?

I'm currently 8 DPO and i've been nausious off and on all week... usually at night. I've also had horrible heartburn. I tested today BFN Sad Do you think I could be pregnant though and it's just not showing up yet? Anyone have this happen to them before they tested?

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I personally did not start feeling MS until week 8, but I have heard of some that did. I know the first PT I took back in early Oct. was negative, but I was pregnant at the time. It might be too early to tell yet. Just maybe take it easy and care for yourself as if you are preg. Take anothing PT again in about a week? That is what I would do. Best of luck Smile I hope you can join us Julyers

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I was getting MS on week 5, but didn't get my BFP until week 6. I agree with Tessa and would say err on the side of caution and take care of yourself as if you are, then just give your body a little more time to show up the BFP. Waiting sucks, I know *hugs*

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If I was nauseous during the 2ww it was because it was all in my head. I know that when I am preggo I gag a lot when brushing my teeth. One cycle ago during the 2ww I was gagging like crazy while brushing my teeth and I was convinced I was preggo. Unfortunately I wasn't. But then the next cycle with no gagging I got my BFP.