Do you see a line?

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Do you see a line?

Just kidding! Since you asked where the test photo was, here it is. I posted in my space too. I think we are going to do a belly photo every month, so DH has to take a 4 week pic this week. Obviously nothing to see yet. I think I will try and take all the photos in the same spot outside, to show the changes in season as we go along too Smile


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CONGRATS! Love the idea of the same pic outside to show the changing seasons. Just make sure to do the same thing once little one gets here and use a stuffed bear and onsie with the month number to show how much he or she grows throughout the year!

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yay congrats!!!! how fun!

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**Lurker** Congrats again!!!! Smile

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Yay! I love the pics outside idea! That wouldn't work very well, here. We have negative temperatures and crazy amounts of snow for months, so I would be in a parka for almost the whole pregnancy! lol I think our snow is usually gone by beginning of June, so I would have one or two with grass... he he

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Congrats!! We did the same thing with the belly pics outside. Then as my final belly pic I was holding him in the same spot outside. We put them all together into a collage and it turned out really cool!!

HH9M to you!!

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Congrats! Smile

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Congrats !

I love the idea of doing your monthly belly photo outside and then with the baby too so you can see the changing seasons !

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Congrats sweetie! I love the idea also! Smile

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Congrats again! I've done monthly belly shots with all my boys but never thought of doing them outside to show the seasons. Great idea!

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