Do you see it (xp)

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Do you see it (xp)

My cycles have been kind of ranging from 30 to 32 days lately and this is right at 30 days...

I took the Dollar test first and *thought* I saw a tinge of a line. Then I took the 5 day early test and got the super light line.


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Def see it!! Grats on a BFP!!!

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I see it! I do! Congrats!

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I am seriously just sitting here in awe. I thought I was out this month and spent all last night crying to my DH that everyone is pregnant, and why not us, etc... I guess that could have been a sign, right?

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Congrats on your bfp

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YAY! Congrats and wishing you a HH9M!!!

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I see a line! Congrats!

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Definitely a line! Congrats!!!

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I see it!! Biggrin Congrats!! Welcome to July!!

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I see it!!! Congrats!! HH9M!

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I definitely see those lines!! Congrats on your BFPs and welcome to July!! HH9M!!

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I see a line!! Biggrin Congrats!!! :Yahoo:

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Posts: 434 first 2 home tests looked the same about a day after my period was due. when i saw mine i questioned whether it was an actual positive. since my af was due on a friday i decided to wait till monday try one more home test, if it showed any sort of line id go to the doctor. my next home test was dead positive after a few days so i went to the dr to have it confirmed. amazing, congrats and good luck.

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Yup, congrats! Smile Awesome!