Don't feel pregnant today...

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Don't feel pregnant today...

I can't remember how it was with DS, if there were days when I didn't feel pregnant or not. I felt a little queasy last night, and I've been really tired and hungry. But today I just feel normal. Of course I'm worrying about it, if it means things aren't progressing or whatever. Ugh, I hate the first few weeks. At least by 8 weeks you've heart the HB and can relax a little bit, knowing there really is a baby in there.

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I felt pregnant the day after I found out I was PG.....but nothing really ever since. Maybe a slight nausea occasionally but thats about it. I don't even get the cramping that I did with my last 4.
I agree, these first few weeks suck......

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Agrred - I hate this waiting period - has anyone been to see their OB yet? I have my appt next Thursd.11/10 - I think I was able to squeeze my way in a bit early b/c I wasn't sure if i got pregnant in Sept. or Oct. so they said i can come in next week.

I think its normal to feel ok one day and not the other....I like never felt pregnant (until I had a large tummy) with DS...but now I am peeing all the time, alot of ligament pain while laying down, so tired ,soooooooo emotional like Mood Swings are not even the i am fine, yesterday I thought I wanted to die b/c I was so tired and could not care for my son - had to ask my dad and step mother over to watch him so I can sleep - I slept for 3 hours, then they left and i put DS down for a 2 hour nap and sleptthe whole time with him - I was crying at the drop -of a hat and I just did not see how I can make it like another 35 weeks of this...then i woke up today feeling fine...

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I've seen plenty of my RE this week (or at least the vampires who keep stealing all my blood! ROFL ) And, I'm still plenty worried about getting through the next few weeks. I've had a few nights this week where I've felt nauseated, and generally I'm really fatigued. But otherwise, I can't say I really "feel" pg yet.

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Yea this pregnancy I don't feel pregnant at all!! I get a little nauseated though, but that's it.