Double Stroller?

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Double Stroller?

So I am going back and forth on weather or not we need a double stroller. Hoping to get some advise from mom's of 2 or more....

My DS will be three and a half exactly when the baby will be born. He is perfectly capable of walking around fine in store and such. But I still use the stroller often to help contain him while shopping.... and 9 times out of 10 while I am clothes shopping or whatever he will fall asleep in the stoller.

I fear not having a stroller for him when new baby arrives will be aweful for me trying to run errands with both kids - and having DS run all aorund (he is wild!) and I won't be able to get anything done.

On the other hand....$ is tight for us right now and I would hate to waste the money on one if I am only going to use it a handful of times.

There is a traveling kids consignment sale that comes to my area in spring - (actually 2 dates a month apart so I will go to both) so I will try to get one there, I am usually one of the first people in line as the doors open, but those double strollers go fast!

Otherwise - I picked one out at Babies R Us that I think would be perfect b/c right away I could have the little baby in the back seat that fully reclines and DS in the front seat and as baby is able to sit up I would move him to the front and put DS in the back seat - it converts from a regular seat to a bench and standing platform which he loved! But its $189!

So what do you all think? Have any of you bought one or planning on buying one? Do you think its worth it?

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Have you thought of using a carrier for the baby and keeping DS in the single stroller? It would probably be a cheaper option. I am planning to do that this summer, as DD will be 5 and rarely in the stroller (she loves to ride her bike) but it will be nice to have that option for her when she gets tired, and DS will only be 2 1/2 and I'm not sure he could handle the bench seat on our sit n' stand yet.

Do you use your stroller a ton when shopping? We have the smallest mall on earth so I only really use mine in the summer (we have a sled for winter), I use the carts in the big grocery/box stores.

Having said that, I love my baby trend sit n' stand, and I waited until it was on sale to buy it from toys R us. Got $50 off, and free shipping. I dont know about that model, but the one I got tends to go on quite often.

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I have 2......a regular double stroller, and a sit and stand stroller. We will probably use the regular double stroller with the new baby because DD#3 still needs to be in a stroller as well. I like the idea of using a baby carrier though, I may look into a moby wrap or something of the sort.

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Lurker mom of a new 3.5 and a 6.5m...

If you do go with the sit and stand make sure it fits in your car nicely. I had my heart set on getting one and then tried it out at BRU and found out that it didn't really fit well. We borrowed a double stroller for the 1st couple months to see how much I really used it with both kids and then ended up getting a really good deal on

Also see if there are any MOM consignment sales in your area.

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Why didn't I think of the carrier? I used my moby and sling wrap most often with DS1 - DUH! The only time I didn't is if I was clothes shopping for myself nad need to try on clothes - but that is not often at all! Great solution!

I do use the stroller alot now - about once a week a would say, which is whay I could not imagine having some where for DS to sleep. I use carts at food stores but use the stroller for Target, Kohl's, other random stores b/c I like to browse and he drifts off to sleep - in a cart he can't fall asleep...
I am still going to try to find one at consignment sale though...