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Dr appointment

So I went to see the Dr again today......and I think he might be on crack Smile

Apparently he believes my dates now because 'that's exactly what the ultrasound measured', but then later in the appointment he informed me that my baby is 'already really big'. If it is measuring exactly right, then what exactly about it is big?

He is also insisting that I get the 2 hour glucose test done, and claims he thinks it could come out negative. Even though I told him I have been checking my blood and if I eat carbs, my levels are too high, so obviously I have GD! And then he tried to tell me that the numbers that come back on that test are really important cause they inform him of what complications to look for in baby.......which is a load of bull! I know that the later on you are in pregnancy and the larger the placenta, the harder it is for your body to process glucose.....so therefore, those numbers arent constant, but would get worse the further along you are. So even if I could pass the test now, doesnt mean I am in the clear for the whole time!

Arg! He is really frustrating! I really like him as a person most of the time, but with this pregnancy I am starting to feel like I know more than he does!!!!! Which is hopefully not true.....but I am worried he will make some stupid decision when I am in labor, cause he doesnt seem to trust me and feels the need to triple test everything...which I usually like, but is making me crazy right now!

And there is no way to get a new Dr here! At least when I am not pregnant I like him. There are some Dr's in town that I would cringe to be stuck with on an every day basis.

On a good note, we talked about the renovations to my hospital maternity ward, and they started last week and are only scheduled to go on for 12 weeks.....so that should leave plenty of time for them to run over and still get done before baby is due. Although construction is really slow here. Our center for the arts is almost a year overdue renovations cause they are having a hard time getting employees. I am really hoping that they put in bathtubs!

Oh! Another good thing (unrelated) is that I just found out that our massage therapist did not shut down, but has just moved.....so I plan to make an appointment with her soon. She gives amazing maternity massages I hear. Plus, if I really love it I can get a prescription and my medical will cover 80%, so I can do one once or twice a month until the baby comes. The amount I still have to carry my 2 year old around, that will be awesome for my back.

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Wow, I don't know what to say. I guess you just need to do what you think is best for you and the baby and be glad that you know what to do. Glad the baby is measuring right on track!

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OMG the beginning of this made crack up Blum 3

That sounds like a tough situation though, I'd hate not fully trusting or believing my doctor, or feel like I know more then the doctor.