Dr. Appt Tommorrow...EEEEK!!!

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Dr. Appt Tommorrow...EEEEK!!!

So my first appt. (since being released from my RE) was supposed to be the middle of Jan, but I got really impatient and made an appt for tomorrow with another Dr. because by the middle of Jan I would be in my 2nd tri already. So anyway dispite seeing a beautiful baby and heartbeat at 7 weeks, and feeling like crap for the last few months I am still scared that something will be wrong. I was thinking back to my first 2 pregnancies with my DD and DS I was so stupid and unaware of all the crap that could go wrong and I was just able to enjoy being pregnant. Now fast forward 6 years and several losses, 2 ectopics, one emergency surgery I guess I am just more aware of what is out there and it is terrifying. Will I ever be able to truly relax and enjoy this pregnancy??? Grr okay sorry rant over. Please say a little prayer or think of me and my little lime tomorrow please. My appt is at 1 p.m. central time...... SO NERVOUS!!!!

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Good Luck tomorrow. I am sure you are going to hear a great heartbeat and if you get a sonogram get to see a great little baby getting bigger!! Sending lost of prayers and good appt vibes your way.

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Hope you have a great appointment! Keep us posted!