dug out the maternity duds

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dug out the maternity duds

I just spent over an hour digging out the maternity clothes. DD was born in May of 2008, and since then I have loaned the clothes out to 2 friends and got them back with extra stuff as well as had two friends give me their maternity clothes because they are done with kiddos. Needless to say I have a lot of clothes! Winter and summer stuff. It's kind of exciting to have a new wardrobe. I do think I might have to get a few more work appropriate pants (lots of jeans and sweats in the mix). I also emptied out some of my summer clothes out of my dresser so after I wash the maternity clothes they will have space in my dresser. I definitely popped a bit this week (thank goodness the news is out at work since several people asked if I was pregnant) but I am guessing the pants will be a bit loose now. I did find my Bella band, so that should help. Anyway, I wanted to tell someone and figured you ladies would actually be a little bit excited. Hope you're having good weekends.

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That almost motivates me to go get mine out. I know there is a ton of stuff in there but can't recall for the life of me what exactly is out there. I still haven't told work and i am afraid that if I switch from my current oversize sweater look that I am using every day to the maternity clothes people might become suspicious. My local moms club also has a free maternity closet for any of the members to get clothes from but I can't do that until I am ready to tell everyone.

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I got my stuff out last weekend, and the pants are still kinda big but soooo much more comfortable. I have a bella band also but I never really liked it...maybe I'm using it wrong Smile Do you put it over your regular pants so you can wear them unbuttoned? lol My first daughter was an August baby and my second was born in January so I have a lot of both plus all my sisters stuff that we've been swapping so I have alot as well....It's been snowing here like crazy so I pretty much have coats and scarves hiding by belly all day long unless I'm at home but I think I'm pretty big for 4 months!! I should post a pic. maybe I'll take one today......


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Glad you have so many clothing options! Hope you will be more comfy and enjoy your new clothes!

I am in a world of hurt as far as maternity goes. I started this pregnancy about 10 pounds lighter (which is of course good news!) but that plus the fact that I am 2 months behind last pregnancy means that nothing from last time fits me yet. I did buy new maternity jeans so that was very helpful.

Also, I loaned some of my stuff to my sister and didn't get it all back. Grr.

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I dug through what I had a while back, and got some back from a friend I loaned to (minus a few items she lost, grrr). Unfortunately, most of what I have is lighter weight because I lived in CA during my last pregnancy, so once springtime comes I'm all set, but I'll be living in two pairs of maternity pants and DH's sweatshirts all winter! I did find my Bella Band as well, so I can wear some of my pants. I can't even button my "fat" pants anymore. Sigh.

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I donated all of my maternity clothes a couple of years ago. I so wish I still had them! I ordered a bunch of stuff right before xmas, and I've been wearing the pants ever since.