Embarrassingly emotional...

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Embarrassingly emotional...

Anyone else still a water works factory? DH and I watched Food Inc., the documentary about food safety and other food related topics--basically a scary movie about where most of our food comes from (you don't want to know) and there was a short segment about a woman whose son died of E-coli food poisoning. I made it about 2 seconds into their interview with her before I was crying so hard DH fast-forwarded through it. Seems like anything to do with little kids and suffering I just cannot deal with right now.

In other news, my DS will not be eating ground beef or spinach ever again. Wink

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OMG yes! We watched "Up" for the first time a few weeks ago. DH didn't really want to watch it, so during the whole first sequence, I'm thinking "Don't cry or he won't want to keep watching it." Finally, at the end of the first backstory sequence I just couldn't take it anymore and went from complete silence to a loud outburst of hysterical sobbing. Basically from 0-60 in one second. It was so sudden and loud that DH thought I was pretending to be one of those people who cry in movies. Then he realized I was really crying my eyes out and we both started laughing because it was just so ridiculous. I just can't explain the sudden explosion of tears, it was like a cartoon. Hilarious.

In my first pregnancy we watched "Oliver and Company" while I was pregnant and I also sobbed hysterically over no one wanting Oliver the kitten and him being left alone on the streets of New York City. Smile

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I have definitely found it easy to cry these days. I read an amazing blog about a child with Down's syndrome and I was sobbing. I had to use tissues to get enough tears out of my eyes to keep reading. I cried talking about how my sister might start trying to have a baby. I cry if I see a snippet of a commercial or show that has anything to do with kids having any sort of developmental problem. I am hoping this will end soon, although I have managed to keep it in check outside the house.

Andi, I saw UP not pregnant and the beginning made me sob. Ridiculously sob. Thank goodness I didn't see that in the theater!

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Jessh - "UP" is hard to watch all the time! My DS loves that movie but I try to leave the room or fast forward over the begging b/c i cry everytime!

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I cry singing in the car with my daughter!! And any animal movies like we watched "Far from home; the story of yellow dog" And it made me cry. I am super emotional this pregnancy too, and I am just waiting for it to GO AWAY!!! Smile

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I'm the ice queen as far as showing emotions...well until I got pregnant, now the dumbest things make me cry. I don't even remember which scene from which movie it was, but I cried during Star Wars! Really?!
Oh and near-hysterics when a sandwich we ordered (without onions) came WITH ONIONS and I lost it. We got a free one out of it, I dunno if they felt sorry for me or my poor husband who ordered it lol

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I'm so there with you. Everything makes me cry. I was never this emotional or this long with my DS. I'm ready to be done crying over everything on tv.

I watched "UP" also and I cried thru it as well.

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Yesterday, I went to my usual clinic to be checked out for what I know was strep throat. They did a rapid strep test and while I'm waiting for the doc, I peaked at the test and I know I saw a line....faint, but it was there. The doctor came in, looks at it for a split second and tossed it saying it was negative. So she automatically assumed it was sinus drainage!! Told me to go home and rest and drink lots of fluids. I also felt feverish, but they said I didn't have a fever. I knew that was BS, because I felt so hot I was sweating. I left there so upset because I could feel that something wasn't right in my body and I needed antibiotics!! I called my husband and told him everything and started crying on the phone to him LOL I felt like such a preggo crying away on the phone. So DH picked me up and took me to a different clinic and they confirmed that I did indeed have a fever and strep throat. Gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way.....*sigh* I hate my emotions.

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Oh and TODAY I was cleaning the guinea pig cage, and started crying while snuggling Mop (the pig) saying "She doesn't even LIKE me!" lol We have had her for over a year, and she only cares about food, the little turdmaker.