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So, I posted before about being super grumpy. That seems to be going away, but now I'm crying about anything. I don't feel sad, but it seems to take very little to start the water works. Who else is feeling emotional? Have you cried about anything silly? I've been getting teary over facebook posts!

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I've been like this ever since I was pregnant with DD. I thought it was going to go away after I had her and things went back to normal but nope I'm still weepy over everything and anything.

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I'm an emotional person to begin with but it's crazy when I'm pregnant! I cry over everything. I've been super weepy the last couple of days so I'm hoping that's a good sign!

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I have creird at least once if not more each day since i got my BFP - sometimes happy, sometimes sad...
I had to pick up something from DS's daycare yesterday - DS was not with me, but i saw a mom there with a few tears b/c it was her son's last day - he was starting a different daycare on Monday (our daycare center is closing in a few weeks) so she was sad to be leaving that center...andyway - I don't even know the mom, bearly met the kid and i was like bawling...I almost said to everyone "I'm Pregnant, that's why I am crying" b/c I looked crazy crying harder than the mom who was leaving!

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I usually cry over EVERYTHING, but surprisingly I really didn't cry at all the last 2 weeks until today (when I was pissed at my RE...separate post. Wink ) But I can feel the moodiness really starting to settle in, so there will be more tears coming I'm sure. :eek: