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Anyone else still exhausted? I keep waiting for that second trimester energy burst, but it doesn't seem to be coming.

Any idea's how I can boost my energy level? I am going to the Dr on Wednesday, and I will see what he says, maybe get my iron checked. I am also going to ask him to send me to the dietitian early (I had GD with both my others, so chances are good I will this time as well). I just never seem to fully wake up, and I am falling asleep almost every afternoon.....which is not making my kids happy!

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The only thing I can think of is eating about every two hours and of course drinking lots of water. But if you have GD then that could explain it and hopefully the dr can help you.

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I wish I had an answer or some magical cure for the exhaustion, but I am right there with you. I was also thinking of asking about my iron levels and totally forgot las appt. With my initial bood work I was only 2 points over into the, "normal" range. So I have my suspicions.....Plus I was anemic with my other 2............I hope you find osme energy soon!!!!