Failed 3 hour test

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Failed 3 hour test

Well, I've got GD. I got the call about 2pm on Friday afternoon, and now I feel like I don't know what to eat this weekend until I meet with the nutritionist, as I have no idea what my numbers were. I did a little bit of research and am trying to limit my carbs and spread them out over the day and eat more frequently. This is going to be interesting.

Anyone have GD before and have any tips?

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Andi, go to the link in my siggy for the diabetes board. I have stuff listed there for GD. The board is not active but there is information for you.

Sorry that you have GD but it is better to know then have the complications that can come. If you have specific questions just PM me.

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Im right there with you! And have been for 3 pregnancies now Smile Its really not that huge a deal once you get it figured out. For now, I would just try to limit carbs (I eat barely any) and avoid sugar (candy, chocolate, all the good stuff).

I think there are a few of us on this board so far. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions Smile