Feeling anything yet?

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Feeling anything yet?

OK, so I know it is supposedly "impossible" to feel the baby moving before 13 weeks, but I am pretty darn certain I have been feeling movement for the past week or so. I feel a little wiggling/poking sensation low on the left side of my belly that feels pretty much like it felt when I first started feeling DS. I tend to feel it in the evening off and on for a few hours. The other night I was out to dinner with some friends and it felt like the baby did a somersault. I looked up whether it is possible to feel anything at 11-12 weeks and found some stuff about women feeling movement in the lower left part of their belly this early. So I'm thinking it really is the baby (what the heck else would it be??) Anyone else feeling anything yet?

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One night recently I felt something that felt EXACTLY like it did with my DD early on. I am not 100% convinced but it sure did feel like a baby moving around.

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I was feeling the same type of feeling, but knowing the baby is the size of a lime or plum I felt it was impossible....I was thiking since I am having such difficult time pooping lately I thought it was gas or something... I didn't want to get my hopes up - but i think i will be feeling it very soon!

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Idk, this is my third, so sometimes I think that I feel those familiar little flutters at night while laying in bed... but being so early its still hard to tell for sure.

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I've been feeling the baby for about a week now. And they aren't flutters, they are distict kicks!! Biggrin I felt all my kids VERY early!!!!