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I finally got a high fertility day on my Clearblue monitor. My OPK's were getting darker so I thought it might be coming but it's so nice to get the confirmation of the 5 days in advance of O with the clearblue easy. I was a whole week off figuring out my O just by dates :eek: I tell ya if I didn't have these tests to use i would probably never get pregnant! My husband left in a really good mood today for work cuz he knows he's gonna get some LOL :rolleyes: I told him if he's good he will and he said "You want a baby all i have to do is show up!" LOL oh well. Bring on the baby dust ladies! I need some Smile

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Whoohoo! Let the BD'ing begin! Tons of baby dust coming your way!

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Sweet! Baby Dance your hearts out Biggrin