First baby shopping trip

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First baby shopping trip

I decided the time was right to start baby gear shopping. I was going to wait until we found out the gender to even start looking, but then I saw that the Babies R Us big sale and tradein ends 2/20, which will be 0-2 days after we find out the gender. So if I want to take advantage of that sale, I'd better know what I want going in! We only need a stroller (ours broke) and a crib bedding set (new baby should have its own, we think, and we hang the quilt on the wall so we get good use out of the whole set), but I still want to make sure I know what I want so I can get the sale prices! I figured I would pick out boy and girl things, and then just pull the trigger when I find out the gender.

So I went to Buy Buy Baby and looked around. Then I hit Kohl's for some maternity clothes and bought a "Little Sister" onesie that exactly matches the "Big Brother" t-shirt I have for DS. I went ahead and bought it, and will return it for something cute and boyish if it's a boy. Then I went to Babies R Us.

It has been really fun to start thinking about this new baby and getting ready, it makes it all seem real.

For a boy, I want to do this bedding set: (on sale of course!) I like how it doesn't come with a bumper b/c it seems silly to pay for one you're not using!

For a girl, I think I will either do this one: Or borrow my sister's daughter's princess crib bedding set.

Still working on strollers...

Anyway, fun day! Plus I felt the baby move for the first time today!!!!

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Oh, and here is the info on the sale in case you want to take advantage:

I think I am going to trade in a few of my sister's kids items that she's not using anymore, so that will definitely help on prices!

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Aww I like the bedding, very cute! I agree buying stuff makes it seem so real. After we bought some stuff the other day I said to my DH, "Holy crap, we are actually going to be bringing a baby home in 4.5 months!"

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I am excited to start shopping but don't know where to start. Thinking I will wait for our local resale and then whatever I can't find there I will start looking for elsewhere.

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OMG! You have me wanting to go shopping, but I have to wait until we know what we are having. I want pink for a girl and blue for a boy. I can't wait to get started with decorating the nursery!