First Blood Work

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First Blood Work

So I called the dr last week becuase I had been spotting for a few days and had a sharp pain sometimes when I sneeze. Went in on Thur for a blood draw and then on Sat and the dr says my numbers are higher than expected 118,229 and 138,886. Hopefully this means I am just a little further along than expected, but scheduled for an US tomorrow morning. Anyone else get higher than expected numbers?

US looks good, measuring 7w4d, heartbeat of 149. Still looks like a blob, but we could see the heart flutter...

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I'm pretty sure those numbers are within the normal range for 7 weeks. Good luck!

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I didn't have my numbers checked this time around. Let us know how your US goes!

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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! I hope that your US goes well. Let us know!