First OB appointment....more confused/scared then ever

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First OB appointment....more confused/scared then ever

So I had my first OB appointment today. Yes, my doctor makes me wait forever Blum 3 She's mean like that.....(no, not really, me and her are actually very close after the loss of my son, plus she has delivered all 4 of my children.)

Saw the nurse first and we did all the usual family history stuff and signed paperwork. Also took weight, BP and urine. Everything was fine. Got in to see my doctor, and she did the usual fun stuff....pap smear, breast exam, etc. Then we sat and talked about my bleeding. I explained to her what went on. She told me that she didn't have an explanation for it.
Then we discussed my levels from both times I had my blood drawn. She told me the second blood draw level and it was only 44,501 I think. The first (48 hours earlier) was 49, 261. She looked at them and says...."Hmm I wonder why the second one is lower?" That didn't make me feel that great. Aren't they supposed to double??!! She didn't seem too concerned, so I'm not going to worry about it too much. She said she would have me get my blood drawn one more time to see where they are now....
After that we went down to the little room that they have their ultrasound machine in. Its not as high tech as the labs, but its an ultrasound machine! I got to have a peek at the lil peanut. Smile He/she was wiggling around and had a strong heartbeat, so that made me feel better. Got a couple good pics of the baby. I'll post those below.
She also scheduled another ultrasound which will be in 2 weeks. I had my blood drawn before I left and scheduled my next appointment for January. She also gave my a new due date, according to the ultrasound I had on Friday. Its July 11th, which puts me at just under 11 weeks. So all in all it was a good appointment, but it left me a little confused.

The beta numbers.....why is the second one lower? Why didn't it double? The baby is still alive and well with a strong heartbeat, but I'm only 11 weeks....why is it decreasing?? I still have no explanation for the bleeding. I'm also curious why she scheduled another ultrasound so quickly? is she concerned about something and just not telling me? Is she thinking I might miscarry because of my numbers? My numbers would make sense if I was at my original due date (July 4th)....but then my baby would be measuring a week or so behind. Is he/she slowly slipping away?? I'm just left with too many questions and too much confusion. I'm not sure what to think.

I'm happy that my baby is still hanging on though. I'm sure things will turn out okay Smile

Here's the ultrasound pics from today......

This one is a profile shot

Another profile with hands

This one is my favorite. If you look at the right side, you can see the 2 little feet. The ankles are crossed like he/she is laying back lounging Blum 3

This is one of the heartbeat

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Congrats on your new pregnancy! My understanding its that after 10 weeks or so the betas CAN go down because the placenta is bigger and takes over. Which is why the sickness gets better after 10-12 weeks. I am surprised they didn't tell you that! Google it you will find lots of info on the net.
I know it's so hard but try not to worry too much. Will be stalking you and sending you loads of BOY vibes!!!

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Yes, your numbers will start going down once they reach a certain point. Since you are over 10 weeks an ultrasound is more reliable than the numbers so just stare at your beautiful pictures to get you through the next 2 weeks until you can see your LO again.
Here's a website I found with info about HcG levels during pregnancy.

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Thanks, I kinda knew that.....just stressing thats all. I'll quit now Blum 3