First Perinatologist appointment and a guess on the sex!!!

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First Perinatologist appointment and a guess on the sex!!!

I had my first Peri appt yesterday. I'm high risk because of my bicornuate uterus and the PTL I had with DD so I will be seeing the seeing the Peri along with my regular OB. They did an u/s and went ahead and started me on weekly injections. (17P shots to hopefully help keep my uterus relaxed and prevent PTL.) I will get intramuscular shots each week at home by my husband. He was able to do it last time and it saved me weekly trips downtown! Everything looked great on the u/s so that was great news. I'm really hoping for a much easier pregnancy this time around and it's nice to know I will have two doctors watching over me. It just means lots of time in the waiting rooms and now I need to figure out how to juggle my DD and all of my appointments. Especially the Peri b/c they are a very busy office and I was there for two hours the other day. Could get interesting!

Oh, and we have a guess on the sex of the baby. So far... it looks like team pink. Biggrin I'm sort of excited at the thought of having another girl but I'm being rational about this. I know the tech could be wrong since it's so early.

He or she had their feet crossed at the ankles. This one was my favorite of all the photos we got!

Saying hello. Wink

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Awww - love the pics!
Can't belive they were able to give you a guess this early!!! Congrats Smile

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great pics! glad things are going smooth so far! i love the high five!!

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Aw, great pics! Congrats on a great appt!

And FWIW, my sister also got a gender guess at 13 weeks, the guess was girl, and she has a girl. So it could be true!