Flash throwing up

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Flash throwing up

Maybe a wierd way of putting it, but that is how I feel. I go from fine to...up here comes the lunch I just ate. Today I was at Hy-Vee and barely made it to the in-store garbage can. I was so embarrased! This is the third day in a row I've done it in the afternoon. I'm taking Zofran, so is it just masking the symptoms? Any suggestions? I've been careful about eating bland and trying to take it slow, but I feel fine and finally feeling some energy. I was so sick there for about three weeks (not able to keep anything down until I started taking Zofran). oh I just got back from the store and I have such a headache. Can't even get the groceries up I bought. I'm glad it is winter lol

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Oh, I am so sorry!!! I wish I had some pearls of wisdom for you Sad I went through the exact same thing with my first, my DD it was horrible and you are right it just comes. If it makes you feel better, I threw up all over myself, the table, floor, etc. while trying to run to the bathroom in the Mall of America food court at lunch time with her.......Yeah totally awful. I did learn and this is going to sound totally gross, but I started carrying a gallon sized ziplock bag in my purse where ever I went just in case, and I learned to only eat things that would not taste totally disgusting coming up. For me I lived off of baked potatos, fruity pebbles, rice with milk and cinnamon,bananas and toast with her. I hope you start to feel better soon Smile

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I know exactly what you mean. I really don't have morning sickness - but a few times the last few weeks I just cough or gag randomly and I know I have abot less than a minute to get myself to a bathroom and throw up.
I never feel naseaous - just starting coughing (like choking on my spit or something) unti lI throw up...so weird!