Forcing myself to eat.

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Forcing myself to eat.

I just wanna :puke2: everytime I think of eating food. The smell, the texture, the taste. Yuck. And thinking about having to chew it and then swallow. I don't get it. I have to force it all down. I did get down a lil oatmeal this morning and a yogart for lunch, but here it is dinner time and I just don't want to eat. Food is just revolting to me right now!! I NEVER was never like this with my girls!! Am I the only one feeling this way? :confused:

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You are further along then me. I am not feeling that way at all. Certain foods sound gross, but overall, I am not having any issues eating. Good luck!

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I just have no desire for food at all right now. It's not that it grosses me out, I'm just never hungry enough to want to eat much more than a snack.

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I've been really up and down. Sometimes nauseated and really not interested in food. Sometimes (like tonight) totally ravenous! The results are always the same though....heartburn. Blum 3

The weird thing for me (although not a bad thing!) is that I've completely lost my taste for sweets! Crazy since I'm usually a total chocoholic.

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Jean, my sweet tooth has calmed down too. I do still eat sweets, but the thought of eating plain chocolate doesn't sound good to me.