Frozen Meals

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Frozen Meals

So, do you ladies think it is too early to start freezing some meals for when baby comes? I am really impatient to get started, but I don't want to start too early and have things go bad in the freezer.

What I did last time is just doubled any recipe I made that could be frozen and then froze half of it (this takes awhile to build a freezer stash, which is why I want to start early). This time I think I might make some more carby stuff just for after baby is born though (like pasta casseroles, muffins and cinnamon buns), since I cant eat it right now. Plus, since it will be BBQ season, I plan to freeze a bunch of chicken breasts in marinade so that all I have to do is defrost and throw on the BBQ with some corn on the cob or something.

Are you planning to freeze any meals for post baby? If so, what are you thinking of doing (I want recipes!), and when are you planning to start?

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I dont think it is too early for meal stuff. I would wait a bit on baked goods, because I don't like to freeze them for more than 3- months, but that is just me. I have started freezing some soups and stuff, ( chicken and rice soup, black bean soup, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce).I did make some pizza pockets the other day too, (pizza dough with some sauce, cheese, olives, and peperoni) Also one of our good friends owns a BBQ joint one of the top 3 in our state, (yum!!) And he offered as our gift to give us 20 lbs of precooked frozen meats to keep in the freezer so we can just pull it out and throw something together. I am going to do some frozen cookie dough, some muffins, and bannana and apple bread. Plus some frozen pizza dough, and about 10 loaves of bread, ( I make our bread) so I can at least have a good stash on hand to just pull out and serve or pop in the oven.

I am hoping to have a pretty good supply by June so I guess I better get cracking!!

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The only things I might prepare ahead of time is some Hamburger patties to freeze so we can just take them out and throw them on the grill, and maybe precook some ground turkey and freeze that for spaghetti, or precook ground turkey and season it and freeze it for tacos and nachos.

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I spent a weekend doing my frozen meals. I made 12 meals in all (I have a small freezer) and I still have 2 left. Although, I didn't use them all right away and just did easy meals as well (chili dogs, chicken fried steaks, sausage, meatballs).

These are the recipes I used:
(this one was awesome, I ate most of it myself!)
(this was DH's favorite)
(this is a favorite of my kids'...I also add pineapple)
(web site with a bunch of slow cooker meals on it),198,141165-231201,00.html
(I think the recipe is missing a line or two, but it's pretty easy to figure out when to mix stuff together)

The frozen meals really saved me this time around because I've gotten into a funk where I don't even want to attempt to cook! But with those I just throw them in! Oh I also would get the store bought lasagna.

I made my meals at the beginning of March and had my son about 3 weeks later.