Funny blinkie

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Funny blinkie

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Cute Blinkie!! I have to admit though luckily I have pretty cool in laws that and they are coming to my house.

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Yeah, I kind of sympathized with this during my first pregnancy, when we were flying to Milwaukee to spend a week 24/7 with the ILs. Now, they live here and we see them often, so it's a lot easier to get along when you're not with them 24/7. And we're going over for a few hours on the 26th.

Still, I totally thought this during pregnancy #1, so I wondered if it might resonate with anyone else. Smile

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I like the ax! I'm actually looking more forward to being at my in-laws, because at my parents house, all my brothers and sisters and their kids will be there in one tiny house... for days.... Chaos will reign. It'll be much calmer and more laid back at my in laws. Plus I'm going to be trying to get through it all without telling anyone I'm pregnant... Nobody really drinks, so that won't be an issue. If MS kicks in it may be tougher...

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My husband never knew his father. And My MIL passed away years ago. Sometimes I wish she was still here cause she would have LOVED all her Grandbabies!!

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Thats Great!!!! I do get along with my IL's but I also have to travel to see them. The 24/7 when visiting them is a little much. Thankfully they are talking about moving to us so that will make things sooo much better!!!