funny DD/baby story

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funny DD/baby story

Today I picked DD up and we were near the bathroom mirror. She asked me to walk closer to the mirror so she could see how happy her face was because she likes snuggling with me (I often tell her to look at my face to see how happy it looks when she does something I am really happy about). I pointed out that she was sitting on the baby in my belly and she said, "Oh Mommy, the baby is like my little chair."

What funny things have your kiddos been saying about your bellies? DD also tells me in the mornings how big my belly is getting. It's only been since yesterday that folks at work who didn't know have been congratulating me on the pregnancy.

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Aw, that's so cute!

I took DS to see a movie last week, and he got fidgety at the end so I told him he could climb up on my lap. He did it, but then hopped off and whispered "I don't want to squish the baby!" and gave my belly a kiss!

Also, yesterday someone gave him some flag stickers. I told him there would be lots of flags when the baby is born, because America's birthday is in July, same as the baby's. Then he put one of the stickers on my belly and said "I want to give the baby a sticker, and the first sticker is AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was hilarious.

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Too cute. My kids have been saying similar things. "We don't want to climb on you anymore mommy because we don't want a squishy baby" was one that I liked:)