Fur baby stress

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Fur baby stress

So, it is looking like we are going to have to put one of our dogs down, which is really stressing me out. We got her as a puppy 9 years ago. She was born in June, so she will almost make it to her 9th birthday. Anyway, she was our first "baby" and I am an emotional wreck about this, made worse for sure by the pregnancy hormones! She has been battling a bone-eating tumor in one of her back paws for several months. We have had the tumor removed twice ($500 each time!) and she had a toe completely removed last time. And it is back again. We would probably just stop treating it at this point and let it go as long as we could, except that this particular cancer causes ulcerations, so she ends up with a wound on her paw that festers and grows quickly and gets infected. The only way to get it to go away is to remove the cancerous tissue. So we have the choice of continuing to cut parts off of her (so far it keeps coming back, and if we don't get it all, it will continue to move up her leg), put her through more surgeries and weeks of antibiotics and stitches and wound care, or to put her down (we decided a long time ago we would never put either dog through cancer treatment with chemo or anything if it came down to it). This kills me, because she is FINE otherwise, just has this paw that won't heal. I can't stand the thought of putting a happy (when she's not in pain or healing), healthy dog down because of one foot. DH is over this whole thing and is ready to just bite the bullet and put her down, but I cry every time I think about it and I can't deal with the idea of her not being around anymore, and when I think about taking her in to be put down I am a mess. I know the pregnancy is a big part of my super emotional response to this. I barely slept last night because I was up worrying about it and crying! Anyway, I just have to vent. I am so exhausted from this ordeal.

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I feel for you, and your dog! We had our (my) dog put down a year ago when she was 10 because she was having seizures, etc. And I still miss her Sad I don't say that to make you feel bad though. I do still feel like it was the right choice for her and us. I would say to you that you need to come to a point that you feel it is the right decision. My husband refused to just make the choice for me because he didn't want me to feel pushed into it and regret it, and even though she probably suffered a few more months than she needed to, I am glad I waited until I was in the right place to say goodbye.

Would it be possible to have her whole leg amputated, to ensure you got the whole thing? It might sound a little extreme, but I know a few 3 legged dogs who have happily lived to a ripe old age. It can cause early arthritis, but in my experience it doesn't seem to bother the dog a ton.

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Such a tough decision. I don't have any advice but I am thinking about you and hope you can find a solution you are going to be okay with. Take care.

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Aww, I am so sorry you are having to go through this right now, fur babies are part of the family and those decisions are never easy. ((((HUGS))))