Getting big and strong in there!

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Getting big and strong in there!

This kid seems to be trying to kick and punch his way out LOL! He has always been active, but I could usually gently push his foot in and away from my ribs or stomach or wherever it was lodged until recently. Now if I push, he pushes back and his foot stays put until he decides to move it! Also I am definitely feeling knees poking me as often as feet these days. When he gets hiccups, it moves my whole torso! Right now I'm sitting here and my belly is moving around like I have 5 monkeys in there Smile Ow. I am glad he is getting big and strong, but sometimes I just want a break! Anyone else?

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Ditto to everything you just said!

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I don't think I am quite there yet, usually I can calm him by putting my hand where he is kicking, that and I have an anterior placenta so his movements aren't as strong as other preggos. However, I will say, we saw The Avengers at the movies last night and he was moving nonstop, that with my restless legs made it almost impossible to sit through it.

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YES!!! My LO has been going crazy lately and the movements are making me jump!

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I am so there!! He is starting to hurt me when he kicks.

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Totally there with you!! Almost all her movements hurt now and when she gets real crazy it makes me sick to my stomach sometimes because I can feel my insides being pushed around. I guess on the flip side I know she is getting big and healthy Smile