Glucose tolerance test

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Glucose tolerance test

Going for mine today. Has anyone else had one? Not too worried, but I still don't feel like doing it...

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I go for mine next week. Not looking forward to it. I had to do both tests with my last pregnancy. I didn't fail the one hour but I was borderline, so they sent me for the 3 hour anyways. Passed it, but it was horrible. So, I'm dreading it this time.....

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I had mine weeks ago Smile And I have the script for the two hour in my purse, but havent got around to doing it yet. Finding a time in the morning when I can fast and then take two hours away from the kids, on a weekday is just not happening. I talked a Dr into assuming I had GD though, so I dont really NEED the test, MY Dr just wants me to get it. Oh well, maybe tomorrow while my MIL is here.

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I'm sitting here waiting for the hour to go by. Don't have to fast for the one hour test, but we're still not supposed to eat anything with sugar beforehand. I ate some eggs this morning and then was an idiot and got sucked into things and didn't get around to going to the lab to do the test until noon. Now I am STARVING. I have a granola bar in my purse and it is everything I can do not to eat it. 15 more minutes and then I can go get some food!

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Mine will be the first week of May. Like I don't have enough else to do that week, like throwing DS's birthday party or hosting out-of-town relatives or all the festivities for BIL's wedding. Smile

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I had mine yesterday. I passed both times in my other 2 pregnancies, so I am not worried. I ate eggs in the morning too, but I've been eating so much candy lately since Easter I hope I didn't have a load of sugar in my system still! lol

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I always fail my 1 hour and pass the 3 so I told my OB I am not doing it, (plus I test my blood sugar daily anyway because I am pre diabetic anyway). Good luck!!

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I had mine 2 weeks ago and passed, thankfully. I had heard terrible things about the nasty orange drink but I didn't think it was too bad.

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I took my 3 hour test 2 weeks ago - I had GD last pregnanct so my Dr. thought we should skip the 1 hour and go straight to the 3 hour test - I think he assumed by my weight gain that i def. had it... but I just found out tonight that i passed with flying colors!!!! I am SOOO excited!!!

I didn't think the drink was too bad either... I just don't like having to drink it in under 5 minutes - it upset my tummy a little but didn't taste bad...

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I have an appt on Tuesday, so I guess I will schedule it then. I don't really want to do it, but I guess it's unavoidable...

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Its really not so bad, just inconvenient. The drink is no biggie, just tastes like flat orange soda. I've had to drink the gallon of stuff you have to drink for a colonoscopy before (sorry if TMI), so the little 12 oz bottle of orange Kool Aid is purely delightful compared to that. I just wasn't thinking about the part where you have to wait for an hour to get your blood tested after you drink it, and I had eaten so long before the test I was REALLY hungry. I passed last time no problem, so hoping for the same this time.

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When do you get your results back?