Going CRAZY!!!

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Going CRAZY!!!

AHHHHHHH!!!!!I specifically went in to the lab at 8:00 this morning for my repeat beta so I would have my results by 10:00 am. On Thurs I went in at 10 and had to wait until they got back from lunch and it was torture to wait for my labs that long. So I thought I would go in extra early to avoid all that. UGHHH I still can't get through to anyone. I have called like 10 times and I finally gave up and left a msg. Seriously they better call me back before lunch. I have homework to do and there is no way I can focus on anything else right now....OK sorry vent over.

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Ugh. I totally understand that. I can go in at the same time every time for b/w (my re only does between 6-7:30) and I never know when i'll hear back! The day they called with the bfp, it was like 10:30. The next draw it was almost 3pm....I was going crazy. I hope they call you really soon and give you great news!