Growth US yesterday***

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Growth US yesterday***

So forever I have been measuring big with this baby and last week my OB guessed she was already around 8 lbs. so I had my growth US yesterday and SURPRiSE, she is my smallest baby yet!!! A whopping 6 lbs. I mean I know the US could be off a bit, but she is still a petite little thing. Also she has her own unique look and doesn't look anything like her brother or sister which is surprising. I am glad she is not a huge baby though maybe it will make for an easy delivery?? I am hoping she stays put another week and then I would love to meet this little girl Smile

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Aw, little baby girl. My DS was only 6 lb 9 oz at birth and he slid out so easily, I barely had to push. So I do think the pushing part is easier with a smaller baby. I am VERY glad you don't have the "big baby" card hanging over your head. Good news!