Had my first appt and u/s

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Had my first appt and u/s

Well this has been a roller coaster week!

I had a smear of red spotting on Wednesday night and was very upset and panicked about it since I hadn't had any bleeding with DS. Luckily I had my first appt the next morning, and the Dr. ordered an ultrasound.

My u/s was this morning and I saw a little bean and a heartbeat! My first u/s with DS was at 11 weeks, so this was a new experience for me seeing such a little bean and heartbeat, and it was completely amazing, I teared up when I saw it.

I am still a little confused on my EDD though. LMP would put me at 7/22, and 6w5d right now, and that is close to what the u/s tech found today when she did her measurements. However, that would put conception at 10/30, and I got a +OPK 4 days later. So I'm keeping my self-calculated 7/28 due date for now. Hopefully my doctor can clear things up at my next appt in two weeks.

Oh, and the ultrasound tech told me that there is often a bit of bleeding around 6 weeks as the baby burrows in a bit more. And that it's also common because there are a lot of new blood vessels forming, and sometimes they don't seal off right away so there's a bit of blood until it clots. It was good to know for someone who was panicking at the first sight of blood. Smile

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You must have been so relieved to see that heartbeat!

You know - I feel like alot of women on the July boar have been confused about their dates... maybe there was a wierd full moon or something like Halloween related or somthing that screwed up a bunch of cycles - LOL

DH and I still swear we did not DTD at during he cycle I got pregnant -(If i was him I would accuse me of having an affair - which I did not!) until the day before my period was due... so....I guess we totoally could have forgotten...but it just weird!

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Awesome, so glad you had a good appt. Smile It's such a relief to see that lil flicker!!

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Yay! Great appt! I am a little bit confused with the dating too. I know when I ovulated but the u/s has me 2 days ahead. The doctor commented that the baby has long legs and two yolk sacs instead of one... perhaps that is why?

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Yay so glad you had a great appointment and was able to see that little bean!! It is nice that the ultrasound tech was about to talk to you about the blood and reassure you that it is ok.

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So glad you had a good appointment! Bleeding, of any amount, is always scary.

I had heavy bleeding at 6 weeks, 10 weeks and 13 weeks when I was pregnant with my DD. I would have cramping as well. It was terrifying every time. But, everything turned out to be fine. I started hearing more and more women who had at least some bleeding and they went on to have healthy babies. Why do our bodies have to scare us like that?!

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Wow! What a relief. I don't envy those three days you had to wait to know what was going on! Glad for the great outcome, though!!!

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I am so glad you said the bleeding is normal becuase I had just a little for a couple days and was freaking out a little, but my appt isnt until the 19th. So I just read on here and found out one of my friends is now pregnant with her second and she reassured me it was normal as well. What we have to go through for our little beans! It's not as bad as the m/s all day...but everything seems normal so far! I can't wait to hear the heartbeat!

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That is so exciting that you got to see your little bean. I have never had an early u/s so it must be totally different seeing your LO so tiny. Hopefully you can get your due date figured out at your next appointment.

I am so glad that you mentioned that you were spotting and that the u/s tech told you about the burrowing and new blood vessels at around 6 weeks. I had some brown discharge today that is freaking me out and since I am about 7 weeks maybe it is just old blood from little bean burrowing and growing.