half-way there!

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half-way there!

I am 20w today and excited to be at the half-way point. I love feeling this LO kick as I type. Happy Leap Year Day too!

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Aw, I love feeling little baby wiggles too. Congrats on halfway. I'm counting next Tuesday as halfway even though I will only be 19.5 weeks. Because that is halfway to 39 weeks and my c/s. Wink

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I am hoping to go three weeks early like my mom, which would make me at the halfway mark tomorrow at 19weeks! I can't believe it has already been that long, it feels like just yesterday I was 7 weeks and never thought the nausea would go away Smile Now all there is to do is grow, that is going to be so weird!

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I'm super excited to be half way too Biggrin only another half to go!! Its taking forever, I can't wait to have this little boy in my arms. I love feeling him kick, DH finally got to feel him kick last week....it was a tearful moment Biggrin