Happy due date to me!

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Happy due date to me!

I cant believe I'm still pregnant. People were saying weeks ago I would have the baby anytime, I am 3 cm and counting and in prodromal labor! Wheeeee! Blum 3 I know it will be soon. Maybe this one will even be a due date baby like his big brother. How crazy would that be...to have two kids both born on their due dates? It almost makes me think it won't be today because what are the chances?

Also, I am in SO MUCH PAIN this a.m. Was up some with contractions last night, but this a.m. my pelvis is crazy achy, like I can barely walk, and the sharp cervix pain is nearly unbearable when I'm standing. Anyone else feeling that? I feel like this kind of pain isn't normal. But who knows? I didn't know being in labor for days on end was normal either until it happened to me!

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Happy due date!! Can't be long now. I think the achy stuff goes hand in hand with the prodromal labor Sad our poor bodies get tired and worn out. I hope things start up really soon for you Smile

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We had a couple of ladies with prodromal labor on my first BB and it sounds agonizing. Hope you can get the show on the road soon. Maybe even today!! Smile

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I thought I knew most pregnancy related terms but I had to look up prodromal labor. I am so sorry hon!!! I hope this little one gets moving. That would be funny if you had 2 kids both born on their due dates!!!!

Mine is intermintant but I am def feeling the cervix pain when my LO is engaged. I can barely lift my legs to walk when he's pushing down.

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My first two were both due date babies, so it can happen!! I was convinced I would be early this time but went 6 days overdue... Hopefully you get to meet your new little one sooner than later!