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Heard the heartbeat yesterday at my midwife's appt. It took her a minute to find it, and while I know sometimes it can still be hard to find at 10+ weeks, of course I was getting nervous. But she found it. Such a sweet sound! 155-160. No u/s for me until 18-20 weeks, which seems both very far away and right around the corner. Anyway. Hooray for heartbeats! Oh, and she confirmed that I am 10-12 weeks along by feeling my uterus...at around 8 weeks I was a bit worried I was further along than I thought, but no, we are right on track!

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Yay! So glad you got to hear that little heartbeat!

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Aww yay!! That is the best sound in the world!!!

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Oh awesome that everyting went well! I'm sure it was such a relief. If not for MS, I would wonder if I was pregnant at all. Yup, still pregnant lol. Ug, we don't get to check for heart beat until this Tuesday...been waiting forever. Congrats on such a great appointment!

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Congrats on hearing the heartbeat!

I know what you mean about seeming far away & right around the corner... I have been feeling the same way lately. The other day I was thinkinh - HOLY ****! I am 10 weeks pregnant! Only 30 weeks left! Which seems likr FOR-EVER! but also close - I guess b/c finding out you are pregnant right before the holidays mke the first few weeks fly by b/c we are all so busy preparing for the Holidays.???

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Great news! I can't wait to hear my LO's heartbeat. Dec 23.

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yay for a heartbeat. You are right about so far but yet so close, I was thinking the other day about getting to know what the baby is and though oh that is going to be forever but really it is not that far away at all.