Holy heartburn!!!!

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Holy heartburn!!!!

I have acid reflux when I am not preggo, have since I was a kid, so I am on special meds for that, and at the moment, it is doing nothing!!!I swear I could breathe fire right now!!! This is by far my least favorite pregnancy symptom. I totally beleive in the link between hearburn and your child having hair, because both my babies were born with insane ammounts of thick black hair. I put my DD's in little pigtails the day she was born lol, no joke. I love my little full headed hair babies, but man this heartburn SUCKS!! Anyone else dealing with it?? I am sitting here now trying to throw back a few glasses of ice water to calm things down lol.

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I think I have had everything but heartburn, guess our boy will look like a bald old man!

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Try eating raw whole natural almonds-- they are magical on heartburn. Promise.

I didn't learn about it until pg with my third tot-- and it was so amazing. Even when Tums and Tagamet and other stuff didn't work-- almonds.

Good luck! I hope it helps!