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Hot Chocolate

So I was doing OK with this no carb thing, and then I made the kids Hot chocolate today. Now it is all I can think about! I want it SO BAD!

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I think there is a 20 calorie hot chocolate, maybe from Carnation? It probably has fake sugar in it, but I used to have it sometimes when I was doing weight watchers for a chocolate fix. I doubt there are many carbs in that.

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I also second the sugar free stuff, I say a few cups here and there won't do any harm and it will hopefully cure your craving. This last summer I was on a total low carb no sugar kick and I would induldge in a sugar free HC with sugar free coolwhip on top, and it satisfied my sweet tooth Smile I think the brand I used was Swiss Miss....

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Thanks for the suggestions ladies, I will have to try and find some of that. I finally broke down and had a sip of what was left, but then I had to throw the rest down the drain before I drank it all (cause I have no self control). I think the taste just made it worse though Smile

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I drink hot chocolate all the time! I make it from scratch though, with cocoa powder. That way I can avoid the weird ingredients in the mixes, and I can control how much sugar is in it. I figure it has protein and calcium too, if you make it with milk or soy milk, so it's not so bad!

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When I had GD with my last pregnancy - idid find a hot cocoa that my nutrionsit agreed was OK - it counted as a "carb" it was very low in sugar - i think it was Low Fat or Fat Free(?) carnation brand - had only like 4 grams of sugar or something. Normally I would not like something like that but I NEEDED something to cure my chocolate craving and it totally did the trick.

I did find that the longer i did the special diet - the less and less sugar / chocolate/ carb craving i had - hope you find the same.

Ughhhhhh- I know i am going to have to be tested in the next week or 2 and i am SOOOOO not looking forward to starting that diet again - just stinks in the begining - once you get used ot it - its not too bad though...