How are our preggos doing?

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How are our preggos doing?

Who all is left, and how are you feeling?

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Sadly, I am still pregnant. Today is 40w3d. I am getting a little impatient and it's really tough to make any plans. We were thinking about going to the ocean beach today but it's over an hour from the hospital so we are not sure that's a good idea. I think we need to do something to distract me. I had some contractions last night so maybe some walking today will help. I am just trying to stay positive.

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Ugh still preggo here at 39 weeks 1 day. I have been having some sharp lower abd pain all day yesterday and this morning. Feeling bummed this morning because I really thought we would be making that trip to the hospital last night. I feel like I am contracting non stop all day, but I'm really not and when I try to time them they are always so irregular and don't really get intense except the lower abd pain lately. Other than the abd pain I've been having increased mucus discharge but no blood and talk about sausage toes! Sooooooo ready to meet my little man.

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I don't post here often, but I am still hanging out. Tomorrow is my due date with no signs of impending labour.

My other kids were 14 days (induced) and 6 days (on her own) late, so I am not optimistic about anything happening soon.
I have an Ultrasound on Monday to determine how big baby boy might be, and then see my doctor on Friday - so I don't imagine we will be going much longer than Friday!

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I am miserable!!!! I really really really thought I would deliver on friday. Shows how naive I am. Last night I slept awful and now today I feel horrible. I am ready for this LO to make up his mind any day now. I've been having contractions for 5 or 6 days now but they don't get close enough to go to the hospital and after a few hours of contractions they stop.

Plus I'm so tired of people calling me to make sure I didn't forget to call them when I went into labor. Its mostly important people like my parents and my in-laws that keep bugging.