Hungry...need food

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Hungry...need food

All day every day! I am so hungry, if I didn't know or believe it was a boy, now I sure do! I have been eating everything and it's so bad at night. It seems like after I eat dinner a hunger button is pushed and I just want everything. Yesterday it was another piece of pizza(oh I just remembered we have left overs!), chocolate, ooohhh and thin mint girl scout cookies, strawberry milkshakes from Sonic, which is a couple blocks away!!!

I didn't think I would ever get to this point because I felt so ****ty for so long, but now I have gained 10 pounds and weigh more than I ever have. Pretty soon I will catch up to how much DH weighs, that is a scary thought...he is suppose to gain this baby weight with me!!!

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I am the same way! I eat what should be a filling meal and I find myself thinking "Ok, that was good, what next?" because I am not full, just no longer starving. I've been trying to keep fruit in the house, and trying to keep the cookies to a few a day. Smile

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Add me to that. I do fine all day but after dinner and DS goes to bed I can't seem to stop eating. I am craving way more sweets with this one which is also scary trying to keep the weight down. I think his month I have gained 10 lbs. of course I hadn't gained any to that point so I guess not horrible.

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With my past pregnancies that's how I was.....This time around I'm the opposite. Nothing sounds good and I can't eat a whole lot Sad its annoying.

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HAHA! I wsihed i only gained 10lbs atthis point...
So far I am up 23lbs as of this morning!
and i really did not change my eating habits - but in the past week or 2 - I have been hungry all the time. Being at work is the worst b/c its is very slow and i don't have much ot do so I just keep snacking and counting the minutes until lunch - then snack shortly after that! Never ending eating!!!!

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The only gained 10 lbs wasn't in a fun way. First tri got stomach bug 2 times. First 3.5 months nothing sounded good and when I did eat I could only eat half then be full and feel great. Then right after that I got the horrible cough/cold and couldn't eat for over a week. So this has been really the first time I have gotten to just ea this pregnancy. It has not been very fun.

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I just need to stay away from the Easter candy. I love the hershey eggs with the candy shell and the Cadbury mini eggs. I am up 8 lbs so far, so not terrible but I think if I avoid the junk now it should be easier to take off afterwards. I keep a bag of trail mix and bring extra fruit to work every day. I usually have a banana at 10ish and then trail mix in the afternoon so I am not starving in between meals. Just wait until we are nursing, then it's even worse (the snack cravings).