I can't wait!

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I can't wait!

I admit I'm nervous to post anything about what I'm going through with the pregnancy since so many of us are still in the agonizing 2WW, but I just want to tell everyone and scream it from the rooftops. I hate waiting to tell people! DH and I agreed it was best to wait until at least 8 weeks (some people like my mom will definitely notice a change by then anyway, and we'd at least be past the part where we might still find out it's blighted ovum or chemical), and we have plans to announce via an "I'm a Big Brother" shirt for DS on when our families gather for thanksgiving. Only 3 weeks away! But it seems so long to keep this a secret. 2ww followed by another 4WW to tell anyone!

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I would have a hard time waiting to tell also. I am not good at keeping secrets. Thanksgiving should be a really exciting and memorable day for your family!!

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I know what you mean, i'm desperate to tell my mum and sister as they were so supportive over my chemical pregnancy. Dh and I discussed it and decided to let family know at christmas, we should be 11 weeks by then and have a scan picture to hide in a card. Well that's the plan anyway, it's so hard, my mum is my best friend and i'm desperate to tell her.

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It'll be hard for me too whenever that happens. I'm terrible at keeping secrets. I'm sure I'll tell my whole family right away but they're all in Florida and I'm in Virginia so that'll be a little easier to deal with anyway. And my mom can keep it quiet so we'll tell her right away. DH's family however will have to wait until I'm probably 10-12 weeks. That's the plan anyway. I suck so bad at the 2WW I bet I'll be even worse at waiting to tell everyone good news! Smile Good luck sweetheart! And don't you feel bad about saying anything about how happy you are! You have every right to be happy and we're all happy for you! :openarms: You worked hard for you BFP so go right ahead and enjoy it!

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Thanks Leah! With DS, we were living in CA, and I instantly called my parents house (in Maine) the second I found out, and told my dad because I was so excited, then called my mom on her cell phone, and she was with my sister, so I told them. Then called my other sister. We told everyone right away last time. I think it is easier when you aren't in close proximity, so it's not like you see them every day and will have to deal with their pity if it doesn't stick. This time we are in VT, and everyone knows we are trying and I didn't want to tell everyone good news just to have to tell them bad news later if it doesn't stick. My mom was visiting for a few days last week and it was so hard not to tell her. She was totally suspicious! She kept saying things like "you're looking healthy" and I think she purposely bought a bottle of wine to see if I would drink it. I told her not to buy it and she did anyway. Sneaky lady. We were talking about my car and how I will need a new one in a year or so, and I said I needed one that was big enough for two carseats and two dogs to fit in at once, and she asked "why would you need to fit two carseats?" even though she knows we want to have another, I think just as a way to provide an opening for me to tell her. We also went to a yoga class together and she noticed that I wasn't doing any of the deep twists (and she is a yoga teacher, so she knows the big reason why a woman would opt out of the deep twists). Anyway, I think she knows, but whatever. She didn't come out and ask, so she can just find out for real when the time comes.

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I am so Yahoo for the BFP's for July !

Even though we are just trying it's hard to keep it from everyone.My sister in law kept asking me to go out with her last 2ww and that meant drinking so I finally just told her. My best friend also knows that I was going off BC, but I don't talk to either of them about it. They are both single ... so ... It's kind of weird to talk to them about trying for a baby. My best friend just ended a five year relationship where they were planning their wedding so ... I try to avoid babies and marriage for the most part right now.

I hope that we can wait when we do find out. I think we will try to wait until 12 weeks or so. I know we will not tell anyone until we see the heartbeat. With my history of ectopic the risk is higher and the only way to know is to go to the doctor and see the heartbeat.

Hope you can hold out Smile haha !

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It's so hard waiting to tell! We have always tried to wait until after my fist u/s. But I have to admit, I always told a few really close friends right away (as in within an hour of getting my BFP!). If I get pregnant this cycle, I'm going to try to wait until Christmas to tell my family. I'd like to wrap up the u/s pic and give it to them that morning. I'd be 9 weeks by then though and considering this would be baby #6 and I was in maternity pants by 7 weeks last time, I don't know if I can hide it that long!

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I agree with Leah, we're excited for you! Go ahead and talk about it all you want. Smile I know what you mean about wanting to tell everyone... it's hard to keep it in! Smile

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We're planning on announcing to our families at Thanksgiving, if all goes well. They all knew we were planning IUI #2 but we didn't lay out the timeline for them, so I'm sure they are all assuming we are right now anyway. We should have our first u/s next week so I want to wait until then before we say anything for sure. It's been fun keeping the secret this week but I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it!