I can't wait!!!

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I can't wait!!!

13 days until my gender u/s! I cannot wait. I feel so silly, especially since I wanted to be team green for a while, but now I am so anxious for the big day to get here. Especially now that I feel the baby moving pretty regularly and I can feel he/she is definitely getting stronger and is REALLY IN THERE I just can't wait to find out who he/she is. I'm also still a little worried about a surprise set of twins, and I can't wait to have that weight lifted (or, alternatively, completely freak out and then get used to the idea and start getting excited). And, of course, I will feel much better to see the baby and know he/she has all her toes and fingers, etc. I remember things got a lot more day-dreamy and I felt much more connected to the pregnancy after my anatomy u/s with DS. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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Not silly at all. I am excited to find out too and I don't find out for another 4 weeks. Luckily the time has been going by super fast! What made you change your mind from team green?

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EEEEEK!!!!!! How exciting!!! I wouldn't be able to contain myself either. Mine isn't even scheduled yet, because they will only schedule them a week out, (which I thought was weird) so at my next appt I get to schedule it. I am still on the fence about if we will remain on team green or find out...... I can't believe we are getting to this point where we all can find out!!!

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I know the feeling!!! 18 more days til mine and I can't stop thinking about it!!!! I am very nervous about getting news we are expecting our third girl, but if it's a boy my husband will freak!! In a good way:) I keep thinking about labor too, totally dreading that. I swore after my second natural birth I would never do it again! KUP on the potentional twin news!!

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Wow, exciting! I can't wait for mine. I know what you mean, I just want to see everything and hope so much that all is normal. Then I will post on FB. My appointment is in 20 days! Why did you change your mind from team green to knowing, just curious? DH is still after me to find out.