I guess I'm out :(

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I guess I'm out :(

I just got AF Sad I'm going to move on with a heavy heart cuz I was really starting to get to know all of you and felt like we have a connection! Oh I'm so sad. But I just know next month will be our month. Good Luck everyone! Baby dust to you all! And sticky vibes to all that have already had their BFP!!!!

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I am sorry that AF arrived.... best wishes for next month!!!!

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I'm sorry Sad
I'll probably be joining there soon, except it's not likely I will ovulate soon to actually stay there

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Sad I'm sorry. Best of luck with this next cycle!

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Awwww I'm so sorry Hun :bigarmhug: Hopefully next month will be it for you Wink

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I'm so sorry that the witch showed :bighug: I wish you nothing but positive vibes for next month!

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Oh darn! Well, I think several of the July ladies have moved on and are posting in August now, so there will be some familiar faces. Good luck with your next cycle!

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Sorry about stupid AF
I'm sure I'll be joining you in a few days!!

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Sad Sorry hun!! Best of luck next cycle!!

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ok my spotting dried up and stopped but still no BFP. do you think there is still any chance? I'm not getting any cramping or feeling like AF is on the way...