I guess its time

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I guess its time

Had my first Dr's appointment today, and got to hear the baby's heartbeat!

So I guess its time to bookmark this page and put up a baby ticker:) I have just been having a hard time for some reason believing this pregnancy is real and is going to last. But we are over 13 weeks now, and have a strong heartbeat.

I think it may be partly cause we arent telling anyone around town that I am pregnant until the end of the month, so only family (who lives far away) knows. Which is kindof funny really, cause this is my third and I think I already look pretty pregnant, and Im not trying to hide it in any way:) I wonder how many people suspect.....but just dont want to say anything?

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I'm glad everything is looking good for you and the baby so far!

This is my third baby as well, and I was the same untill after we had our first dr.'s appointment!

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Yay for hearing the HB!!! This is also my 3rd and I too am finding it hard to believe that this is actually really happening since we tried for 6 years, I always feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop......Blah, but I am really really really trying to be as excited as possible Smile I love when someone announces their pregnancy after I have been suspecting lol, I bet there are a few that suspect with yo as well Smile

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Yay! Glad you are going to hang around. Smile

I am sure some of my students suspect, I catch them taking little glances at my belly. Smile

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Well congrats on the good appt!
I am having a hard time belving its real also. This is my 2nd. I am reasoning that b/c when i was preggo w/ DS I had nothing else but being pregnat to focus on so "being pregnant" took up 100% of my thoughts...somedays I bearly remember i am pregnant now - till my son kicks me in the stomach or something! or I can't find any pants to fit!